Maximized Water Management LLC Updated:01/2021

Maximized Water Management LLC are the developers of the Aquatic Vegetation Rake (AVR) product and sells the AVR and other products for surface water management.  Our products and services are used by all types of surface water users, such as private Farms and Ranches, Canal and Ditch companies. We also work with State, County and City governments, Government Road and Bridge departments, State and Federal agencies and private organization who manage wetlands and surface waterways. Our equipment is specialized for removing aquatic vegetations that stop water flow.  The equipment is also well suited for clean up of sediments, silt and debris removal caused by floods and high water flows.


  • Complete canal and ditch system cleaning, maintenance and improvement
  • Wetland improvements, development, maintenance, and reclamation
  • Waterway improvements for livestock and/or wildlife usage
  • Water control structures installed
  • Bridge silt and debris removed
  • Culverts installed and cleaned
  • Waterways improved and maintained

Contact Maximized Water Management LLC


Contact Maximized Water Management LLC

William (Bill) Fuchs
1060 N. 2950 E.
P.O. Box 57
Chester, ID  83421
Phone: (208) 716-0116

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