Association of State Wetland Managers Updated:03/2024

The Association of State Wetland Managers is a nonprofit membership organization established in 1983 to promote and enhance protection and management of wetland resources, to promote application of sound science to wetland management efforts and to provide training and education for our members and the public. ASWM's members and partners include states and tribes, federal agencies, nonprofit partners, wetland professionals, educators, wetland enthusiasts and many others. The main common goal between these groups is a better understanding of wetlands and how to protect the resources throughout the Nation.


  • Help states develop and implement wetland regulatory and management programs
  • Improve the coordination of wetland programs and policies at all levels of government
  • Provide training and capacity building for state wetland programs
  • Facilitate the integration of wetlands into water resources and watershed management
  • Build conservation and restoration partnerships among states, tribes, local governments, nonprofits, and other interested parties
  • Translate wetland science into fair and reasonable government policies
  • Encourage minority participation in wetland protection, restoration and management
  • Integrate wetlands into broader landscape and resource management initiatives.


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