Bobwhite Quail Initiative Updated:05/2023

Georgia’s Board of Natural Resources worked with key members of the General Assembly and other supporters to develop and fund the Bobwhite Quail Initiative (BQI) in 1999. The BQI is a proactive effort directed at restoring quality habitat for bobwhites and other early successional wildlife species on working farms and forestlands. The initial phase of BQI focused efforts in 15-upper coastal plain counties where interested landowners were provided with detailed technical assistance on restoring and managing quail habitat, and on a competitive basis, economic incentives to implement certain habitat management practices (e.g. field borders, hedgerows, thinning and burning pine stands, and fallow corners) to enhance row crop fields and pine stands for bobwhites and other early successional wildlife.

Call a professional wildlife biologist at 229-420-1183. The BQI program provides free technical advice to landowners interested in managing for quail and other wildlife.

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Bobwhite Quail Initiative
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